Edinburgh Logo Design, Business Cards & Folders – ETI Engineering

If we’d known that Physic’s played such a big part in Logo Design we’d have paid alot more attention during our lessons.

Luckily, we did pay some attention during class and so when we were asked to create a logo design for Edinburgh Electrical Engineering Company; ETI Engineering, we weren’t shocked (sorry) and it took us but a (Planck) second to come up with the concept of using twisted wire and the symbol for an always open switch.

The logo design gave us the perfect starting place for a whole new brand identity for the company; business cards (a sleek matt grey), folders and letterheads were all part of the same circuit.

If our English teacher hadn’t told us to avoid cliches we’d say that it all adds up to a high voltage logo design. As it is, we can only say that it looks great.