Postcard Design – Edinburgh Creativity Coach

We always go the extra mile to get the job done right, so when Edinburgh Creative Consultancy Creative Voyage asked us to design their new business cards and postcards for their latest marketing campaign, we had an idea and were quite prepared to don our hard hats and scale scaffolding to see it through.

The problem was…well you know what it’s like trying to find a drawing pin when you need one. We could have sworn we’d seen some in the stationery cupboard (right next to the elastic bands) but when we went to look for them they were nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, when she’s not running Creative Voyage, creativity consultant Mary Gordon is an award winning photographer and had just the snap we needed so with a bit of clever photo manipulation we came up with these striking postcard and business card designs which we then had printed on extremely glossy card.

The result? An eye-catching postcard and business card design guarenteed to break the ice at any networking meeting.


I went to Wide-Eyed Design for my postcards and business cards and the results were so much better than I ever imagined! Thank you!

M Gordon – Creative Voyage