Website Design & Build – Kaffeehaus Amadeus Lanchester

Its fair to say that we get through a lot of coffee here at Wide-Eyed Design.  If there’s not a pot brewed, then there’s a pot brewing or about to be brewed and the only reason we haven’t unpacked the super-duper coffee machine we got for Christmas is that we’d like to have some sleep occasionally.

So when Lanchester cafe Kaffeehaus Amadeus asked us to design and build their website, the first thing we insisted on was visiting them at their premises in order to carry out some in-depth research.

Fortified by one of their named-source coffee’s and a slice of their delicious Amadeus Torte we quickly came up with a striking website design and build which uses a series of slideshows and images of actual products sold in the cafe to showcase Kaffeehaus Amadeus.

As Kaffeehaus Amadeus have a strong social media profile; social media links and social icons were added to the header on every page and because we know that all business owners are pressed for time, we added natty little tool to  automatically publish blog posts and news items across each of their social media platforms as well.

A taste of Vienna in the heart of Lanchester? Improbable but not impossible…and the success of Viennese cafe Kaffeehaus Amadeus proves the point.



Helena’s web design expertise, her common sense advice on SEO and her genuine ability to understand a client’s needs and represent them visually put her right at the top of the game. I have yet to find another graphic designer, web site creator and marketing guru like her in the North East.

M Rose, owner Custard & Bear