Aponi 2B

Bespoke double-sided business card design and print management for an Edinburgh based agricultural/IoT journalist and consultant.

Business Card Design Edinburgh A2B

The Client

Aponi 2B specializes in content related to agriculture, startups and IoT. We were first approached in 2007 by the business owner, Gwendolyn Jones, who asked us to design a double-sided business card. As Aponi2B has grown and developed, our alterations to the logo and business card design have reflected the changes in the focus of the business without compromising the Brand Identity.

The Design Brief

A bespoke design double-sided business card with clearly defined areas for contact details. 

Our Solution: Business Card Design

Taking the original logo design as a start point, we designed a business card that uses gentle curves as a way of defining information blocks. Orange can be a tricky colour to work with as it can veer into being garish, but using a gradient of rich tones paired with a pale cream text gives a bright modern warmth to the card.

The Result

Vibrant colours, good quality heavyweight card and clearly defined information combine to create a professional business card with enough flair to be memorable. We think that it’s very telling that nearly sixteen years after our original design commission, the basic design of the business card remains the same with only a few subtle tweaks made to keep it up to date.

UPDATE AUG 2016: Eight years after our orginal business card design, we added a registered trademark symbol to the Aponi2B logo design. At this time we also subtly updated the shade of orange used in the logo to a stronger warmer tone.

UPDATE MAY 2018: Aponi2B asked us to update their business card design to reflect the change in their business focus from agricultural consultancy to agricultural journalism, start-ups & IoT.


The Client Said…

My business cards are just perfect. Thank you

Gwendolyn Jones, Aponi 2B, Edinburgh.

Business Card Design Edinburgh

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